Wellness Dog

Stretching techniques to learn:

Perfect for you as between treatments may control how the dog's muscles feel. You get a recipe with pictures and detailed instructions showing you how to implement the no-stretch properly to avoid damage.

Relaxation Massage:

All dogs feel good touch, especially during tight periods. Anti-Stress hormone oxytocin is secreted in the body. All functions of the body reacts positively, the heart beats slower, breathing rate decreases, and digestive tract stimulation.


The dog's claws should be cut regularly with 4-6 week intervals in order not to grow into the pulp with the clone. Long claws mean that the dog more likely to break first toe joint or injure himself further up the carpal joint.

Ear Cleaning:

Easier cleaning ears with Ear Cleaner product. There are often problems with the dog's ear, fungus and bacteria thrive if not cleaned regularly.

Scraping calculus:

All dogs are in need to remove the plaque and tartar. In order to reduce the mission and inflamed gums. Then reduce the risk of infection when bacteria come in contact with the pulp. When the dog has severe toothache, and the tooth must be removed by veterinarian!

Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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