Classed as a sports massage, because you get quick and permanent
results. It has a unique technology that allows the superficial and deep
muscles stretched. Although the fascia enveloping the muscles are affected positively, the reaction so that the muscle can start working normally again.
Massage ends with a drain, to get the full effect of the treatment and the body's healing process!

dog massage

When a dog need Physiotherapy?

•   Before a competition, training, or hunting season! Then there is the
    possibility of find defects in the joints and muscles that would otherwise
    have been an injury.
•   A maintenance just as with training, to keep the muscles in
    regularly good condition! Release the tension continued to increase
•   After an injury or surgery to the accelerate healing and correcting
    to normal movement patterns.
    The change in mood or if the dog is not running, jumping, etc.
    as usual. The dog's way of telling you that something hurts. Can you
    take help of physical therapy for inspection and treatment

dog massage
Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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