Electro-therapy Humans

Electro-therapy is one of the tools used by physiotherapists to accelerate the processing of problems in the musculoskeletal system, such as muscle, tightcakes, swelling.

The advantage of this form of treatment is that you get fast and lasting results in terms of point and muscular problems. Inflammatory conditions and degraded areas that are difficult to reach into the can also address. These states can reach electromagnetic therapy achieved by linking straight through! You can link straight through for example a knee or thigh!

Electrotherapy involves stimulating the muscle tissue through the currents. Electromagnetic therapy is related to TENS / TNS, which is well-known concept in
care. TENS transcutaneous nerve stimulation works only during a temporary blockage
against pain.
The difference is that this electro-therapy treatment has a greater effect on
muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments.
Electro-theraphy effects

    •   Treatment of
        circulatory disorders such as
        swelling or chronic

    •   After a leg cast can be
        build muscle and activate
        the inactive muscles.

    •   Ionize the substances through the skin such as histamine to
        extinguish inflammation.

    •   Of course, severe painful muscle treated with electrotherapy
        to start the healing process and then massage a muscle to
        normal function.

Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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