Physiotherapy involves working with the muscles to feel good. That is, with massage, electrotherapy, and stretching. With the requirements of our horses, dogs and humans is increasing, we now have a greater focus on wellness. For we know the importance of maintaining the body's physics and our healthy. If we want to maintain and improve performance is also equally important to physical therapy to exercise and movement. To avoid future damages are no short cuts, it is up to us if we want to tackle the problem before it caused too great and lasting harm, such as lumbago, sciatica, tension headaches, joint pains etc.

Physiotherapy is a complement to veterinary care. Works in a rehabilitation process as well as prevention and treatment.

I am a certified Physiotherapist, Electro Therapist in horses, dogs and humans. Is trained by Swedish Therapist Training in Kvänum. My goal is to train and develop in order to offer high quality in physiotherapy.

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Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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