Classed as a sports massage, because you get quick and permanent
results. It has a unique technology that allows the superficial and deep
muscles stretched. Although the fascia enveloping the muscles are affected positively, the reaction so that the muscle can start working normally again.
Massage ends with a drain, to get the full effect of the treatment and the body's healing process!

genuine swedish massage

When you need Physiotherapy?

•   For example when you get pain in muscles and joints when you are active, but also at rest.

•   You have great benefit that we go through muscle status before, during and after a
    treatment while athletes who are undergoing an intensive training and competition period.
    We can then find defects in muscles that otherwise can cause you an injury and a long

•   When you have symptoms of stiff neck with recurring headaches, back pain and sciatica
    Going long with pain, the pain becomes chronic. Why go and hurt
    when there is help?

•   Regular massage allows the tension in the muscles loose. It helps you
    who has a demanding job, physically and mentally.

Works in a rehabilitation with physiotherapist and doctor. To speed up the healing process!
And you can quickly return to your work!

The deal between 3-5 times to restore the balance of the muscles at the defects.
Entertaining massage done everything from fourth to eighth week.

Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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