Susanne Jessen and Tibetan Terrier Odi, Kalmar

After receiving treatment for Sofie is Tibetan Terrier Odi now
one lucky dog! Odi, which has suffered from lameness in a hind leg
and received analgesics in the period, received treatment and
enjoyed broadly, fell asleep during the treatment and lax its !!!

Contented Dog & Grateful Mistress /Susanne Jessen


Gunilla Danielsson, Emmenäs-Rosenfors

Our Borzoi bitch Lilja 6.5 years has been an injury in his back.
When she had the most difficult, she could not stand. But she
declined down with the whole back end of sitting. (Sat down at
walks) We got in touch with Sophie who has massaged Lilja a
number of times. Lilja responded quickly to the massage. And soon
became better. Sofie taught us how to stretch Lilja. And today,
she can easily comply with the hour-long walks in the woods!
We also stopped to give her painkillers.

Greetings fam. DanielssonLilja

Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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