Classed as a sports massage, because you get quick and permanent
results. It has a unique technology that allows the superficial and deep
muscles stretched. Although the fascia enveloping the muscles are affected positively, the reaction so that the muscle can start working normally again.
Massage ends with a drain, to get the full effect of the treatment and the body's healing process!

horse massage

When a horse needs Physiotherapy?

•   When you launch your horse after such an injury or break.
    The best part is, before, after racing, training season to find defects
    which otherwise would have caused an injury.
•   Muscle function is to do a job, moving with force. Does not work
    training in one operation, galopp changing example. A non-functioning
    muscle may lead eventually to multiple muscle groups loses its function.
•   To you and your horse will perform at competition and training course
    are muscles prosperous a prerequisite for success, and for increased

We walk together through your horse, movement patterns, saddle, feet,
training,and mobility of joints.

Dipl. physiotherapist electrotherapist horse, dog and man
Cert. veterinary nurse small animals
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